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Me too… not an aggressive girl /sigh/

Belle Parole

The thing you should keep in mind is this : I am not an aggressive kind of girl.

Take a note on that. In bold.

I rarely make a move, I waited. I never like the idea of chasing, cause I just wait for the guy to make a move. It’s safe to say that I like being chased. I’m just playing it cool. But don’t confuse me with being awkward or introverted. No. I’m just being myself, I avoid heartbreak, expectations and all those things that lifted my hopes high above the clouds. Well obviously, I might have expectations BUT I always tried to keep one foot on the ground.

Practically, I am just talking to myself right now. I’m trying to remind myself that I am not aggressive. I waited. I know it seemed very hard, this two thumbs have been dancing around, trying to touch those keyboard on screen…

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Bantuan Jazz

This dude writes very good (kinda random, no specific genre, not a romance I like, but very witty) shorts. Me very likey!


Ya.. baiklah kalau begitu. Kita mulai lagi.
Ah… jazz..

Menenangkan, menghangatkan.

Mungkin itu tujuannya.

Itu tujuan mengapa mereka memutarkan yang semacam ini.

Bisa kau dengar itu?

Alunan terompet, piano…

Indah sekali, bukan?

Walau aku jujur tidak tahu lagunya.

Atau siapa pemainnya.

Tidak ada penyanyi, sih, dari tadi.

Hanya instrumen.

Tapi kau bisa tahu, di balik instrumen itu ada nyawa.

Mereka memainkannya dengan perasaan.

Entah apa.

Aku tidak punya pengetahuan ekstensif mengenai genre musik yang satu ini.

Beda dengan pengetahuanku soal toilet mana yang paling bersih di mall, Itu aku bisa bangga.

Namun aku bukan orang yang suka pamer pengetahuan, jadi tidak perlu aku buka di sini.

Toilet bioskop.

Yang lucunya, selalu diiringi musik jazz instrumental yang serupa. Mungkin genre ini tidak menjadi favoritku karena jazz juga tidak punya tempat di keluargaku. Ayah sukanya soft rock, ibu ngikut ayah aja dengerin apa, adikku klasik.

Tapi jazz pernah menjadi perantara antara aku…

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My Very First Post; Field Report on JKT48’s Trainee for Their New Setlist Boku no Taiyou (Matahari Milikku) 130519.


This is my very first post on my blog. And I chose to write a field report on JKT48’s Trainee for Their New Setlist Boku no Taiyou (Matahari Milikku, previously; Pajama Drive) that I watched two days ago.


First of all, I’m not good at reviewing (Ikinda biased and very objective in this case but I’ll try my best writing subjectively) and am not a good writer. But due to the overflowing excitement that I’m still feeling until now (since I watched this show of theirs), I decided to write about it hehe

So I went to JKT48’s theater at FX Senayan last Saturday with a friend of mine to watch their new setlist. Friday, May 17th was their Shonichi (First Day) for this new setlist. I wasn’t able to watch it since it was held at night (my home is quite far from the theater) so I decided to watch the show after it and fortunately it was on my day-off, Saturday hehe.

I lost the ticket lottery so I got the ticket from Waiting List system. But I was relieved that I got a seat (there were a lot of people who went to watch the show! compared to their “Pajama Drive” setlist days, it was a wow number).

The show started, the shadow annoucer (Kageana) that day was Ayen/Rona.

M01: Overture

M02: Dreamin’ Girls

I’ve watched the LOD of the Original Performer of this Setlist; AKB48 Team Himawarigumi before and actually I often skip this opening song hehe cause I think regardless of how cool their voices on acapella song like this, I didn’t really enjoy it 😛 BUTTTTTT this version of JKT48’s Trainee made me like this song  A LOT. The lyric was pretty good translated, their voices also very good. I enjoyed it very much.


This song is not my favorite in this setlist since I think it’s kinda so-so (the melody, the dance). But yeah I enjoyed it a lot too I didn’t know why 😛 In this song, Yupi was very sweet as a center^^

M04: Mirai no Kajitsu

No special feeling, maybe because I have watched it a few times and not a very brand new song to watch compared to other songs I expected to watch but they danced very well^^

M05: Viva! Hurricane

YEAY! This song is my most favorite in this setlist. ANDDDDDDDD OMG to watch it live gave me a great sensation lol I enjoyed everything. The song itself (alot), their DANCE! Wah they danced very great in this song. Their expressions were also really great hahaha

MC1: They talked about Senior at school (I kinda forgot what was it about). The MC was good compared the last time I watched them (their MC used to be very chaotic lol).

M06: Idol Nante Yobanaide (Kariin-Yupi(Center)-Naomi-Pawpaw)

This song is so cute (not to mention I guess). The translation was good. But in this song I paid attention to Naomi a lot. It’s kinda weird to see her in the midst of lolis since she’s one of the oldest two (94liner together with yona) but she is cute herself so I think it’s okay haha

M07: Boku to Juliet to Jetcoaster (Acha-Ayen(Center)-Nat)

Here comes the Indonesian Yuko; Ayen haha (ignore it, just my opinion about her :P). She rocked it as a center but Acha who I always saw in Junjou Shugi as a very flirty girl turned very cool and suit this song. Same as Nat who was very cool as well. This song also sounded stronger than the original version for me. Maybe due to their nice voices^^

M08: Higurashi no Koi. (Tata-Ikha)

I also often skip this song haha but well the lyric in Indonesian sounded quite sad and their expression helped this song to be so. I paid attention to Ikha more than Tata, she looked very pretty in Black hehe

M09: Itoshisa no Defense. (Lidya-Noella(Center)-Yona)

When the intro sounded, I opened my eyes widely (I expected hot gurllssss lol) but unfortunately there were only Lidya and Yona in the first verse of the song. I was confused and asked my friend where’s Noella the center 😦 but then when it reached the first chorus, BAMF! Noella came onto the stage with cool and continued dancing like a pro (SALUTE!). When Noel wasn’t there (and while I confused why she wan’t there) I did pay my attention to Lidya and Yona but when Noella came I could not look at anyone but HER! She was really flawless >< She never really impressed me this deep before (Even as a center of Junjou Shugi in Pajama Drive) but she hypnotized me until the song ended >< she dances very great, was very cool, flawless and beautiful T.T

M10: Himawari (Della-Hanna(Center)-Vinny-Rachel)

This song is my most favorite unit song in this setlist. The lyric was translated pretty good (the meaning is beautiful) but somehow I didn’t really enjoy watching it. I didn’t know why though. They all looked pretty in the fairy-like-dresses but somehow something’s felt missed.

MC2: Forgot also what they talked here (k, I’m sorry) but what I remember is they made me LOL-ing a lot hahaha the very first MC session of theirs that I enjoyed watching haha (previously, I always checked my phone in MC session cause they were rather boring or chaotic lol)

M11: Takeuchi Senpai

Heyho, this song is my favorite too hehe and I enjoyed watching it live^^

M12: Sonna Kono Wakede

They danced very well. Nuff said.

M13: Deja Vu

The hype from Takeuchi Senpai and Sonna Kono Wakede were calmed a lot by this song. They danced very well as expected.

MC3: The same as MC2. Forgot what they talked about but I was lol-ing hard again in this MC session hehe

M14: Yuuhi wo Miteiru-ka?

Last song. I personally didn’t enjoy watching this song though it’s my favorite song of AKB48. No special feeling (or maybe because my mind was thinking about hurry going to the next song haha)

EN01: Lay Down

Encore time and aha! This is the song that made my twitter timeline flooding like crazy the previous night lol I was curious to watch it (yeah I know it’s kinda a “hot” song with great performance done in cool outift but I don’t really like the song itself actually) and hahaha I wanted to laugh but instead, I went “O.O” for their performance of this song. They looked awesome in lady-rocker-like outfit and Naomi hahahaha she looked very hot in her sleveless black leather jacket and hot-pants together with her “wild” expression (not to mention: Her headbang! Go watch it youself, she’ll rock you out! lol) 😛

MC4: yeah forgot but what I remember, I saw A LOT of YuNa (Yupi-Rona; ignore it, my own creation of my favorite pairing :P) moments there! hahaha

EN02: Bingo!

Yeay it’s my favorite song from AKB48 too! They performed this song in colorful outfits. Yupi took my attention with her cute face^^

EN03: Boku no Taiyou.

Nice songggggg I love it so much and they performed it well as expected and successfully ended their show that afternoon.


Overall, I’m satisfied of their show that day. I’m very glad to watch such a great and fun performance they did. I see they performed with their heart^^ and I’ve been wanting to watch it again 😛